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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  February 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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pornography in northern virginia. at least three teen-age students at wes sprungfield high have been charged with videotaping girls -- springfield high have been charged with videotaping girls having sex. lauren demarco with the story first seen on fox 5. >> these three young men are not being identified because of their age. they're facing very serious charges within the juvenile system. tonight as the police investigation continues we spoke with a member of the fairfax county school board who represents the springfield district. fairfax county school board member elizabeth schultz sad to learn that three springfield high students are facing child pornography charges. >> any time innocence is invaded or lost or eroded, you never get it back. >> reporter: police say the boys ages 15 to 16 targeted six girls, some of whom also attend west springfield. sources tell fox 5 the other victims are students at
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robinson and lake braddock secondary schools. the boys are accused of getting the girls drunk, having sex with them and making and distributing videos. it allegedly happened over an extended period of time. on monday west springfield's principal sent an e-mail to parents sting in part while arrests were made here at the school the students did not engage in any of these alleged behaviors at school or during school hours. students tell fox 5 the boys were arrested during class, something that schultz takes issue with. >> the arrests in a school building that really didn't have anything to do with what happened during school time. the public school should not be used as a vehicle as an extension of the juvenile justice system. >> reporter: she says school officials are working with police to come to an agreement on how situations like this will be handled in the future. meantime with the cell phones and abundance of technology available to kids these days she says parents are key to preventing them from making the wrong choices. >> with the social media,
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facebook, twitter, the time kids are out of your home be aware. be aware of what's going on. put some boundaries and maybe make some unpopular choices and let your children know they can't go someplace or be someplace or stay someplace, you know, x period of time. >> reporter: school officials won't say if the three students were expelled or suspended because the school system does not comment on disciplinary measures. we reached out to the boys' lawyers and made contact with one who had no comment. police in frederick, maryland, working with investigators in arlington, virginia, to see whether it's the same group of jewel thieves that targeted stores in boat communities this week. fox 5's -- both communities this week. fox 5's bob barnard in the newsroom with that. >> police in maryland and virginia hope somebody will recognize either one of the men in two surveillance videos you're about to see that captured both robberies. this video is from just this afternoon inside colonial
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jewelers on market street in frederick. the first guy is holding a gun telling employees and customers to get on the ground. the second hooded bandit has a bright yellow glove on one hand, a can of pepper spray in the other. soon they're smashing in a display case and grabbing fistfuls of rolex watches. at one point the guy with the pepper spray lets it fly, then grabs some watches himself. in the robbery yesterday four hooded men were caught on camera smashing a display case inside the zales jewelry store in pentagon city stealing 27 diamond rings. patty herwitz is the owner of the frederick store. >> i had seen that and when i looked up from my desk and saw the guy heading toward me, that was the first thing i thought, they're here, same ones. >> reporter: the suspects have done a pretty good job hiding their faces, so no descriptions are available. >> we're in communication with arlington pd. we're reviewing their information and showing them our information and seeing if
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they link up. if they do, we'll work it cooperatively. >> employees and customers victimized today in frederick were treated for exposure to pepper spray, none of them hospitalized. ed. two people dead after a morning fire at a house that was supposed to be vacant at a row home lounge r street southeast. witnesses say -- along r street southeast. witnesses say they could see flames across the anacostia river. firefighters found the victims inside the boarded up home both reportedly burned beyond facial recognition which may make it very difficult to identify the bodies. >> one of the victims was found right at the front door. the other one was in the middle living room of the area. >> three firefighters were injured battling the flames, one taken to the hospital with a broken ankles, two others treated for shoulder injuries. there was damage to the home next-door. eight people have been displaced. they're working with the red cross. police in howard county charged a 17-year-old high school student in the rape of a
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14-year-old female student. tashawn rasheed jones was charged as an adult with second degree rape. he approached the girl in the hallway monday, asked her to cut class. the two worked around the school and jones pulled her in an unoccupied room, blocked the door and refused to let her leave. the girl reported the incident to a parent who called police. disturbing video filmed in a group home in columbia. police found this video on youtube showing 57-year-old donna everett hitting and spitting on a 53-year-old disabled man. everett was charged with abuse. police are working to identify the other people involved. the edge on virginia, both chambers of the general assembly approved legislation cracking down on texting while driving. the state senate and house of delegates passed identical bills to increase the fine to 250 bucks, make it a primary offense. police can stop and ticket anyone texting behind the wheel. a second offense would result in a $500 fine.
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if a motorist is charged with reckless driving as a result of texting, it would be a mandatory $500. 911 calls released of the shooting of a former navy seal. in the tapes you can hear the sister of an iraq war vet. >> my brother just came by here. he's now left. he told me he's committed a murder and i'm terrified for my life. >> reporter: a frantic call to police from the sister of iraq war veteran eddie ray routh charged with killing former navy seal sniper chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield on a texas shooting range. kyle, littlefield and routh got to the rough creek lodge 3:15 saturday. an hour and a half later a worker at that sprawling range found two bodies covered in blood with multiple gunshot wounds. cops say the suspect, former marine reservist eddie ray routh, shot both men several
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times with a semiautomatic handgun before taking kyle's truck and driving to his sister's house. >> he says that he killed two guys. they went out to a shooting range and it's like he's all crazy. he's psychotic. >> reporter: according to police documents, routh told his sister that he traded his soul for a new truck. routh has refused to meet with own family and his court-appointed attorney. he's held on $3 million bond and is on suicide watch. during that same 911 call routh's brother-in-law sharing the gunman's health diagnosis and recent stay in a mental hospital. >> he's recently diagnosed with ptsd. >> when did he get out of green oaks? >> about a week ago. >> reporter: former navy seal chris kyle was the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history and wrote the best selling book american sniper. when i spoke with the book's co-
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author today, he was clearly very admiring of chris kyle and at the end of our conversation he said, "i'm sorry if i made chris kyle sound like he's 10- foot tall, like he's a superhero." then he paused and said but he was. in new york jonathan hunt, fox news. the first bipartisan house bill to combat gun trafficking was announced today making firearms trafficking a federal crime. it will impose stronger penalties on straw purchases, those who purchase guns for convicted felons and those prohibited from buying guns on their own. the proposal included recommendations made by president obama and vice president biden. the fbi said the man who held a small boy captive in a bunker in alabama for almost a week died in a s.w.a.t. gunfire. fbi said dykes reinforced the bunker with explosive devices. six days earlier he boarded the
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school bus, killed the driver and kidnapped ethan. police have not released a motive. the boy is doing well at home. tomorrow is his 6th birthday. coming up a teen learns a hard lesson in court. a judge was not amused by her bad attitude, see what she did to get an immediate jail sentence. >> temperatures in the 30s tonight and a few passing flurries, nothing to worry about. we do have some moisture in the forecast. i'll have that seven-day in a few minutes. >> economic out some of the other stories on the rundown. the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology
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a family in indiana is demanding answers after their special needs daughter allegedly came home from school with duct tape around her feet. 8-year-old shalan suffers from downs syndrome. the child returned home from westlake elementary school monday with duct tape wrapped around both feet. the parents say it was so tight their daughter couldn't walk. the family wants answers and they want them now. >> i had to carry her off the bus, carry her to the car, we went back to the school and told the principal what was going on. it took her 30 minutes to get the tape off. >> i just don't know what they would need duct tape in a handicapped room for. >> the school is investing and notified the indiana department of child services. a florida woman let a judge
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know what she thinks of them. 18-year-old penelope soto getting a month behind bars for contempt of court after she gave miami-dade circuit court judge the finger. she was arrested for an illegal possession of xanax. the judge raised her bond from 5 to $10,000. researchers say a pen and paper could help your marriage and too much tv could make men less experts, -- less fertile. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> no. 5, researchers from northwestern university found couples who spent seven minutes of few months writing short essays about their recent fights reported being less unhappy a year later than similar couples who did not do the writing assignments. no. 4, tired of facebook? you may have facebook fatigue. a new study finds 61% of facebook users report taking a
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break from the site for several weeks or longer. some of the top reasons include busy and demanding lives and friends sharing a little tmi. no. 3, the best way to get protein is not by eating bars and drinking shakes. you're better off getting the newt why notes from real food. -- nutrients from real food including meat, poultry, fish, legumes like dried beans and peas and eggs, milk and tofu. no. 2, baby boomers aren't as healthy as their parents. despite having a longer life expectancy boomers have a higher rate of chronic disease and disability. they rated themselves heartwise and healthwise lower than their parents at crable age. no. 1, just for you men -- at a younger age. no. 1, just for you men, harvard found men who sat in front of the tv 20 or more hours per week had sperm counts 22% lower than those who watched less tv. it really has more to do with a man's level of physical
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activity. so get up off the couch and exercise. that's tonight's fox 5 top five. fi three years ago where were you? we were watching the snow fall wondering how long it would last. on february 5th, 2010, the first of two consecutive blizzards hit d.c. the storm brought 38 inches of snow to howard county, maryland, 37 to warren county, virginia and that was before round 2 a few days later. >> for a grand total of 56 inches that winter here in d.c. >> i remember shoveling constantly. >> my neighbor saved us because he was snow blowing constantly. >> good neighbor. >> i did some baby-sitting for him after that. i still like to. these clips that we're thinking about seem to be fizzling out -- clippers that we're thinking about seem to be fizzling out. >> there might be one friday for new england. my producer said i hope you're not going to jinx us by showing
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that snowmageddon stuff. i don't think so. you go with the trend. the trend tonight is one of very light systems moving through and there's a little piece of one trying to move through tonight, too a clipper that's mostly falling apart over the mountains, but it has managed to get a little closer tonight. we'll start with a look at sentinel radar to show you that there are some patches of flurries or very light sprinkles. this is not going to cause any problems. i'll put it in motion. you can see it is tracking mostly across maryland, light stuff to be sure and as we get in closer, it looks like it might be in the form of sprinkles or sleet especially around winchester and front royal. these will pass through overnight. i don't expect them to be around in the morning. a little chunk of that breaking off, but notice over the mountains it's shrinking. it won't get into town. we'll have some cloud overnight. by morning i -- clouds overnight. by morning i think we'll get breaks in the overcast and a
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sunny day tomorrow. cool today, average 45 degrees, but we're gaining daylight like crazy, sun not going down now till about 5:35. bwi and thurgood marshall did not get up to 40 degrees, but i think they will tomorrow. nashville 64, st. louis at 57, atlanta 62, warmer air trying to get in here sunday till wednesday or so. the cold air which will kind of linger this week across the northeast and promotes the fast moving clippers that ride along the jet stream will eventually recede and some of that mild air to the south and southeast is going to try to make a run at us into the sunday time period and especially monday through wednesday of next week. it's looking pretty mild. in between as we transition from cold to warm we might cook up a pretty good storm in the thursday/ friday time frame. it will be mostly rain, but when it begins it could be a wintery mix thursday night around 11:00 or 12:00.
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it could be a tricky forecast. not too tricky tonight, 37 degrees with clouds and just a few passing flurries, 32 down toward the culpeper area and warrenton, went 7 pittsburgh, 25 bingham -- 27 pittsburgh, 25 binghamton, raleigh 32 degrees. overnight not bitterly cold, a few mid- to upper 20s to 32 degrees in the district. our wednesday won't start out too terribly cold, a couple flurries floating around later tonight and mostly clouds, tomorrow 45 degrees, early clouds, a bit of a breeze during the day but overall i think it will be a pretty nice day and it will be nice to have the sunshine back, won't it? temperatures low to mid-40s, maybe upper 30s farther north and west including hagerstown 35, frederick 37, baltimore 39 degrees and out toward annapolis 40 degrees. at the surface it will be high pressure that keeps us cool tomorrow, but it also keeps us sunny. your fox 5 accuweather seven-
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day forecast, 42 thursday, most of thursday is dry, any moisture thursday night into friday and we'll say an early mix is possible before it changes to rain for most areas. saturday about 43 and then quite a different story for sunday. we jump all the way up to 51 degrees and keep it in the mid- 50s monday and tuesday with more showers expected monday. that's it for weather. i know caps were in town again. let's see how they did. here's scott smith sports. the caps and leafs met five days ago. toronto got the win 3-2. tonight the two clashed again and for the first time this season a repeat opponent for the caps, an opportunity for the struggling team to show improvement being made. the verizon center for the rematch. 1st period michal neuvirth and tom poti miscommunication. first of two goals tonight. later in the 1st period the caps on a power play trailing 2 -0. behind the night it's passed
11:20 pm
out to marcus johansson who nets his first of the year 2-1. 2nd period still 2-1, leafs feeding the rookie and his shot on neuvirth, first career goal. toronto 3-1. 3rd period caps on a power play, alex ovechkin to troy brouwer to mike ribeiro who scores his third goal of the year to cut the deficit to 3-2 , but that's how it end. caps fall to 2-7-1 on the season through 10 games. >> that's a tough one tonight because the way we played the other night i thought for sure we were going to have a good effort tonight. we did have the effort. it kind of deflates you when you make a mistake like that early in the game. the wizards have played well against good teams to date defeating four division leaders. tomorrow night they host the new york knicks. last night they topped the clippers 98-90, five guys in double figures. martell webster led the way
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with 21, the wiz's first victory over the clips in nine games. makes you wonder where they'd be if john wall of healthy to start the season. they are 7-7 since his return january 12th which is the eighth best record in the east since then. >> since everybody got back healthy and since i came back, a lot of teams start respecting us more and knowing that we're capable of doing a lot of things. we're one of the top 10 in defense i think in the league. so we just got to keep working and once we stick away from holding onto the ball and try to go one on one, we're a better team and trust each other and having a different person leading in scoring of night. the ravens took to the streets in baltimore today, the super bowl victory parade next. ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush?
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tough decisions will soon have to be made for the super bowl champions ravens with 13 unrestricted free agents and at least eight made cricks during their playoff -- contributions during their playoff run, but that will be for another day. tens of thousands turned out in the streets of baltimore this morning for the ravens victory parade, quite a few more than the 30,000 that the owner had predicted. an stinted 80,000 were packed inside m&t bank stadium alone, by far the biggest attendance of the year. ray lewis and company thanked the fans. ed reed actually sang to the fans. too bad we don't have that and lewis did his famous entrance dance one last time. former terp torrey smith said
11:25 pm
the reality of what they accomplished is just now starting to set in. >> i think i really realized the first time when i was sitting on the bed watching espn and i seen them say baltimore ravens and the super bowl champs and see joe hole up the tree and i'm like we -- hold up the trophy and i'm like we really did it. i think it got put into perspective today. >> it kind of hits you when you get to the parade and see everybody in town. it does kind of hit you that moment, but we didn't anticipate the crowds. supposedly they're two, three, maybe four time larger than 2000. we have such incredible fans it makes you proud. >> joe flacco's agent said the super bowl mvp should be the league's highest paid quarterback. brian is back to wrap up the edge right after this. ♪
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by now most of us a little tired of the song gangnam style but not a baby girl from ire lan. she loves it so much she wake -- ireland. she loves it so much she wake up every time it comes on the radio. [ giggling ] ♪ gangnam style ] >> the baby's dad says she can be in a dead sleep, but will immediately wake up when she hears the catchy song. her arms and legs start moving when she hears the beat. you can see her big sister thinks it's a lot of fun. now you have the news edge. of course, the news is always on as always, thank you for staying up late with us.
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back here tomorrow. hope you will be, too.   >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte. ♪ ♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪


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